Show your Support for Reston Lions Club! 

Purchase our Healthy Grove Fresh Citrus from Florida Indian River Groves! 

Once again the Reston Lions Club is partnering with Florida Indian River Groves! The weather has been on our side this year & the crop is looking great.  We are  keeping the price the same as last year!  Our sale will begin October 5 and will continue until midnight on November 20th .  This is a great opportunity to stock up on great tasting fruit before the holidays or even use the fruit in a gift bag for friends and family. Ship it anywhere for a flat fee of $6.95 per box regardless of size  Plus it gives you an opportunity to support a worthy cause.

Order your fruit online using the link below After placing your online order, you will receive a receipt for your purchase via email.  You will also be contacted via email regarding delivery and/or pickup options.  Please retain a copy of your receipt for your records.  Or send in your order with a check to Reston Lions Club Patty Giese 13110 Frog Hollow Ct Herndon Va 20171 or call (703) 216-6496


Navel Oranges - 1 tray - 11 oranges                                             $25

Navel Oranges - 2 trays- 22 oranges                                             $30

Navel Oranges - 3 trays- 33 oranges                                             $40

Pink Grapefruit -1 tray - 8 grapefruit                                               $25

Pink Grapefruit -2 trays-15 grapefruit                                              $30

Pink Grapefruit- 3 trays- 23 grapefruit                                             $40

Orange/Grapefruit Mix 1 tray- 6 oranges + 5 grapefruit                  $25

Orange/Grapefruit Mix 2 trays -12 oranges +10 grapefruit              $30

Orange/Grapefruit Mix 3 trays -18 oranged +15 grapefruit             $40

Pecans & Mandarins - Holiday Carton 8oz pecan + 2 lb Mandarins  $25  


We expect delivery of the fruit the first week of December.  Once that is comfirmed, we will deliver the fruit to you the first weekend of December. More info on that as the sale progresses


100% of the net proceeds of the sale support the needs of the community.                            

Lions tackle tough problems like blindness. We provide early childhood vision evaluations at schools, assist those with deafness, drug abuse prevention and  diabetes awareness and prevention..   Lions collect and recycle eyeglasses for distribution in developing countries and treat millions of people to prevent river blindness. 



Thank you!  Your support is crucial to our program and is greatly appreciated by our organization and members.